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Euro 2016 Homework!

Dear Class 3LW,


Your homework this week is to research a country of your choice that is currently competing in the Euro 2016 football tournament in France. Try to choose a country that you know very little about.


Using your research, I would like you to make a Fascinating Fact File all about this European country. You should include information about how big this country is, how many people live there (population size), its capital city, where it is in Europe (which other countries does it share borders with?) and what, in particular, this country is famous for.


I would also like you to research all about their national football team. Who is their captain? Who is their manager? Who is their best player? What is their world ranking? Were they expected to have a good chance of winning Euro 2016 and how are they currently doing? Where are they playing their matches at the moment? Have they ever won the European Football Championship or World Cup before? Who was their greatest ever player?


This fact file can either be presented by clicking on 'add comment' on this blog and then writing it up on computer or, alternatively, you could present it as an A4 poster.


I look forward to reading all about your chosen European country!


Mr. Waldeck

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Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

i have bin traing for mental mathscheeky

Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

Brilliant research children! 2 Dojo Points to all of you. Lilly - are you sure Albania have won the World Cup!?

Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

Brilliant tesearch children! 2 Dojo Points to all of you. Lilly - are you sure Albania have won the World Cup!?

Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019





they have won the world cup millions of times 


they have never won the euros


Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019



Poland  is located in the very centre of Europe with the  total area of 312,679 km2.  The capital city is Warsaw. Population of the country is over 38.5 million. Poland  boarders  7 countries: Germany on the west, Czech Republic and Slovakia on the south, Ukraine , Belarus and Lithuania on the east, Russia on the north. 


The climate  is moderate. The average summer temperature ranges from 20- 30 degree  Celsius.


Poland is a parliamentary  republic. Prime minister and Council of Ministers led by him  are the leading institutions . The President  is the head of state and is elected in every  five years.


The currency in  Poland is  Zloty . But they also accept euros. 


The Poland national football team represents Poland in association football and is controlled by the Polish Football Association, the governing body for football in Poland. Poland's home ground is National Stadium in Warsaw and their current head coach is Adam Nawa?ka.

Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

My country is Italy. It's capital city is Rome.

The population of Italy is 59, 801,004.

France, Austria and Slovenia border Italy.

Vatican City is a country inside Italy. This is where the Pope lives.

Italy is famous for pasta, pizza and icecream :)

Italy Football Team

The Manager is Antonio Conte

Their best player is Gianluigi Buffon.

They are doing very well in Euro 2016 and have qualified already for the next stage.


Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019



SIZE: 643,801 kilometres

population: 66.03 million

capital city: paris

borders: Belgium Germany Italy spain

FAMOUS: art history fashion trend

captain: Hugo Loris

MANAGER:Didier Deschamps



Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

The country I have picked is Spain.


Population;46.77 million.

Capital City;Madrid.

Where in Europe;Southwestern Europe.

Who's Spain's Captain;Iker Casillas.

Spain's Manager;Vincente del Bosque.

Spain's best player Fernand Torres.

Spain's ranking;6.

Euro 2016 results;In group D.

Where they are playing matches;Toulouse,Nice and Bordeaux.

Have they won the World/Euro cup?;1 World cup,3 Euro cup.

Greatest ever player;Andres Iniesta.


Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019


Size 20,761

3.063million people live there

Capital is cardiff

It is in the east

Famous for mythical king aurther

Ashley william is the football  captain  

Chris coleman is the football  manager 

Neil Taylor is the best  football  player

26 is their world  ranking 

They're 2nd in group b


Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

Country: Poland

How big:9th largest country in Europe

Shares borders with: Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech and Germany.

How many people: 38 MILLION!


Fact File:

Forests cover 30% of the land.

Football is the most popular sport.

17 Nobel prize winners(highest award you can get).


Mr Waldeck

Commented on 10th May 2019

Fascinating Facts about Iceland

Population:  332,000 people

Capital: Reykjavik,which means 'smoky bay'

Language: Icelanding and English

Position: Northern Europe, between North Atlantic and Arctic ocean, it doesn't border with any countries

Famous for: ice,volcanoes and geysers


Iceland Football team, have the nickname: Our Boys

Captain is: Aron Gunnarsson

Manager: Lars Lagerback and Heimir Hallgrimsson

Best ever player is: Eiour Guojohnsen

Their FIFA ranking is: 34

Next game is against Austria in Paris

They aren't expected to win the European Championship.  They have played 2 and drawn 2 so far.

This is their first big tournament.


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