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Ancient Greece!

Dear 3EL,


I hope you have enjoyed our Literacy work on Greek Myths so far and are looking forward to learning more about the History of Ancient Greece!


For this week's Literacy homework, please find out THREE interesting facts about ONE aspect of life in Ancient Greece.  Topics you could look at include:

1. Culture and family life

2. Olympic games

3.  Ancient Greek gods and heroes

4.  Food


Share what you have learnt by commenting on my blog please, then you can read other people's facts too!

Happy researching!


Miss Locke, Miss Bennett and Miss Hornby


Here's one to get you started:


Did you know...men and women ate separately in most Ancient Greek homes, and everyone ate with their fingers!

Easter Holiday blogs!

Dear 3EL,


First of all, I wish you all a very happy Easter and a peaceful holiday smiley


I look forward to hearing about what you've been up to over the break - write me a blog post (on your own blog) about an interesting/exciting/ enjoyable day you had over the holiday.

Remember to describe the day in lots of details and aim high with your vocabulary choices! Also check your writing carefully - spelling, punctuation and capital letters.  Finally, remember to try to use a range of different sentence types!


Happy holidays!


Miss Locke

World Book Day Literacy Homework

Dear 3EL,

I would like you to complete the following Literacy homework task linked to World Book Day...

At the end of this blog, I would like you to click on 'Add Comment'. I would then like you to tell me which book character you came to World Book Day as. Present this as a fact file about your character. For example, you could go on Google images and copy and paste a picture of your character, you could then tell me what book your character is taken from and who the author is that created this character, what he/she looks like, what he/she likes to do and why you chose this particular character for World Book Day.


Here's my World Book Day character fact file !

Name: Paddington Bear

Book taken from: Paddington Bear

Created by: Michael Bond

Description: Paddington Bear is a kind and friendly bear who arrives from Darkest Peru in London to look for a home. His favourite thing to eat is a marmalade sandwich, which he keeps under his hat at all times. Paddington goes to stay with the Brown family, who aren't very sure about him at first, but ends up having all sorts of adventures!

Why I have chosen him: I love bears and the idea of having such a well-mannered bear to stay sounds good to me!  The stories about Paddington are very funny and even grumpy Mr Brown comes to love him.


I look forward to finding out all about your World Book Day characters and please remember to check your writing carefully - ask an adult to help.


Bonne weekend!

Miss Locke

Year 3 so far!

Hi 3EL,


I've really enjoyed our first term together in Year 3 so far and I hope you have too!

Tell me some of your favourite things about this term and why you enjoyed them.  This could be things we've learnt about, particular lessons, school events or trips or even clubs you've taken part in.


I look forward to reading your comments - remember to check your spelling and punctuation with a partner before posting!


Miss Locke

Who's in the World Cup?

Hello 5EL,


Let's hear about the different countries and teams in this year's World Cup!


Research your World Cup country and share some interesting facts you find by commenting on this blog.  It would be good to include facts both

a) about the actual country (where it is, population, languages spoken, foods eaten, weather, traditions...)

b) about the football team itself (who's on it, any particular strengths, famous players)


I look forward to hearing your facts - I'll add mine later on too!


Enjoy the weekend,


Miss Locke

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