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My world book day character


Mr WA Name:  Mitilda

Book :   Mitilda

Created by: Roald Dahl


Matilda is a very smart and clever six year old girl. Whose only wish is to go to school.Her parents were very mean. You could always reconise Mitilda because she wore a red ribbon bow in her hair. Mitilda had magical mind powers. She was able move things just by thinking about it. 


I chose Mitilda for world book day because it reminds me of my school. I too have a teacher like Miss Trunchball. His name is Mr Waldeck( only joking!!)lol


I liked Mitilda because there was a very happy ending. She was very sad at the beginning and especially sad when she crossed paths with Mis Trunchball. However, with her mind powers she beat her evil teacher and  evil parents. She lived happily ever after with Miss Honey, the nice teacher in her school. 


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Hi, my name is Anisha and I am 8 years old. I really like Maths and Art, but my favourite subject is Science because I like doing experiments. My favourite hobby outside school is swimming because I like diving.

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