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Euro 2016 Homework!

Dear Class 3LW,


Your homework this week is to research a country of your choice that is currently competing in the Euro 2016 football tournament in France. Try to choose a country that you know very little about.


Using your research, I would like you to make a Fascinating Fact File all about this European country. You should include information about how big this country is, how many people live there (population size), its capital city, where it is in Europe (which other countries does it share borders with?) and what, in particular, this country is famous for.


I would also like you to research all about their national football team. Who is their captain? Who is their manager? Who is their best player? What is their world ranking? Were they expected to have a good chance of winning Euro 2016 and how are they currently doing? Where are they playing their matches at the moment? Have they ever won the European Football Championship or World Cup before? Who was their greatest ever player?


This fact file can either be presented by clicking on 'add comment' on this blog and then writing it up on computer or, alternatively, you could present it as an A4 poster.


I look forward to reading all about your chosen European country!


Mr. Waldeck

Class 3LW Homework, 6.5.16 - Greek Myths!

Dear Class 3LW,


As you will see on the A4 sheet of paper I gave you on Friday, your Maths homework is to create a poster all about 'Fantastic Fractions!'


For this week's Literacy homework, I would like you to research and read one Greek myth. After you have read the myth, click on the 'add comment' button at the bottom of this blog and then write the name of the story that you read and tell me a little about it (see the A4 sheet for questions to think about). i look forward to reading your comments!


p.s. Don't forget to learn your spellings and did you spot my one mistake in this blog?

Easter Holiday Homework!

Dear Class 3LW,


Your holiday homework is as follows...


1. Read regularly and log it in your orange book to earn Dojo Points.

2. Spellings - no spellings. You will be given a new list next term.

3. Maths - ask an adult at home for a food shopping receipt with the total amount that they spent taken off the bottom. Can you work out how much they spent by adding all the items together? How much change would they have been given if they had given £20, £50 or £100? What was the cheapest item on the list and how much did it cost? What was the most expensive item on the list and how much did it cost? What is the difference in price between the most expensive and cheapest item? Finally, using the information on the receipt, can you create a mathematical problem for me or Mr. Prest to solve? (For example - how much altogether would a bunch of bananas, a carton of apple juice and a loaf of bread cost?). Give the answer as a multiple choice (eg. circle A, B or C).

4. Literacy - you can either write this as a blog by clicking on 'add comment' below or you can make a poster. I would like you to create a brilliant advert that persuades people to buy either a pair of scissors or a pen! You choose. To make your quite boring product sound really exciting, you must include a great description of it using lots of positive adjectives, use exaggeration, a rhetorical question, a direct order and can you also use an 'If...,then...' sentence?eg.  If you love writing, then this is the only pen for you. You may also include a special offer (eg. two for one, free tickets to Alton Towers, only £9.99!) and try to come up with a great, catchy name and slogan for your product. Good luck!


have a lovely, safe holiday and I will see you all after the break!


p.s. Did you spot my mistake?

Literacy and Maths Homework! (due Wednesday, 25th March)

Dear 3LW,


Your homework this week is as follows:


1. Learn your spellings.

2. Read regularly and get an adult to sign your reading journal to earn Dojo Points.

3. Show a member of your family how you solve division questions with large numbers (eg. 363 divided by 3, 128 divided by 4) using the 'bus stop' method. Is this the same way that they were taught to answer division questions when they were at school?

4. Click on 'Add Comment' at the bottom of this blog and tell me all about one advert that you saw, listened to or read this weekend that you really like. Think very carefully about this advert using these questions to help you. What is the product being advertised (sold)? What is the product's slogan? Who is the advert aimed at (the audience)? Do you think the advert does a good job of persuading someone to buy their product? How does the advert manage to do this (eg. by being funny, by using a jingle (catchy tune), by using lots of powerful, positive adjectives...)? Why do you like this advert?


Remember your P.E. kit for Monday's P.E. Day. Have a grate and safe weekend and I look forward to reading our string all about your favourite adverts!


p.s. If you have spotted my one mistake in this blog, add a comment and let me know!

Class 3LW Homework (due by Wednesday, 16th March)!

Dear Children,


Well done today - you're Viking Assembly was brilliant! You all looked great and spoke beautifully! For those of you who unfortunately couldn't attend due to illness, get well soon.


Your homework for next Wednesday is as follows:

1. Learn your spellings.

2. Finish your World Book Day character blog if you have not completed it yet.

3. Read lots, log your reading in your reading journal and then get an adult to sign it to earn Dojo Points!

4. Go to the following website http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/ and play some of the games on there. Make sure you choose ones that will challenge your mathematical skills!

5. I would like you to then click on 'add comment' at the end of this blog and tell me and the rest of Class 3LW which of the online games you liked playing best and why. Remember - can you write a comment without making any mistakes? (You are allowed to get an adult to check it before sending it).


I look forward to hearing about which games you have been playing!


P.S. Can you spot the ONE mistake I have made in this blog!?

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