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Hello to all 4JC,

As you know we are well into rehearsals for our year 4 productions of Cinderella. This is just a little reminder to keep learning the words to the songs as it isn't long now till the big day!

A BIG thank you!!!

Hi everyone,

Just a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to you all for being SOOOOOOO amazing in 4JC! It has been a fabulous year full of fun and inspirational learning. Another BIG, BIG, BIG thank you for all the lovley presents you gave me, I hope you all enjoy the books I bought for you, they will be a great help to you in Year 5.

Have a super duper summer!!!!

See you all in Septemer

Ms Cosgriff.

Addition and Subtraction Challenge


Hi everyone!

This weeks homework is to challenge Ms Cosgriff with the trickiest maths problems that you can using addition and subtraction skills. You MUST be able to solve the problem yourself though as Ms Cosgriff may need you to help her with the answers!!!!

Have fun! I will look forward to being challenged!!!

Ms Cpsgriff

Good Evening 4JC,

As you all know I announced your new teacher for Year 5 today (Mrs Brown).

So I thought, in preparation for your move up day next week, you might like to do some extra learning to show Mrs Brown. As she is an avid reader and member of a book clud, it would be great if you could write a book reiew about your favourite book so she gets to know your reading preferences a little better!

Your book review should include the title and author, a brief summary of the main points, a description of your favouirte character and why you like them and finally what you would rate your book out of 10. 10 being amazing and 0 being not much good.

You can do it on the blog and I will get her to look at them or you can write/type it out and bring it in with you next Thursday to show her.

Have fun reading and reviewing!!!


Homework 20th May 2016

This weeks homework is to create a tally chart about your family's favourite things, It could be your favourite sport or favourite food, the choice is yours. I look forward to finding out about your family and being challenged by the questions you pose for me to answer.


Here is one from my family:



    111  1  1111  11  1





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