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Animal Poems

 Please share your favourite animal poem.

Book Reviews

I really enjoy reading your book reviews. It is really nice to find out what your books are about, how they are written, what makes them a good read and who will enjoy them.


I would like you to share book reviews on the blog so that you can use other children's recommendations to choose new books to read.


Make sure that you use 'PALS for book reviews' to help you write you review.


This website is also excellent for reading book reviews and to get ideas for new books.



Children in Need Homework 20.11.15

Thank you all for your amazing effort and generosity for Children in Need. We were absolutely amazed by the total amount: almost £2500.


Next week, we will be writing a newspaper report about the fundraising fun. For your homework, we would like you to write a headline and provide two opinions on the event (use both direct and reported speech).


Top Tips:

Headlines should be: catchy, short and intriguing


They could include: rhyme, puns, alliterations, questions or exclamations


Reported speech: Mr Prest commented that he was impressed by the variety and quality of the stalls.


Direct speech: Children in Need tweeted: "Amazing! Paws up for Pudsey!"

National Poetry Day

Please share your favourite poems to celebrate National Poetry day.

My favourite silly poem is:

String is a very important thing

Rope is thicker

But string is quicker


I like the fact that it is random!

25.9.15 Homework

I would like you to have a look at your profile and update the information for Year 6.


I would then like you to respond to my post with a description of your favourite part of the Tatton Park trip.


Have a lovely weekend

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My name is Mrs Eaton and I am a teacher at Heyes Lane Primary School. When I am not at school, I like to relax with a cup of tea reading my favourite books. At the weekends, I enjoy being outside and love going for walks in the countryside. Being a scout leader also keeps me busy. I love camping - except for when it is raining!

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