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maths games

I play a maths racing game. you have to solve a question and you move forword.

Tin Tin

On world book day I came to school  dressed as Tin Tin. I wore red trousers, black socks pulled up over the trousers and a blue jumper. To make me look like Tin Tin I used  gel on my hair and spiked it up.

I wanted to bring a dog into school but I didn't have a toy one. Tin Tin is a detective from the 1920's  and he worked with the Thompson twins and a Captain to detect crime.  His dog was called Snowy.


ryming couplets

Their was a shy lady,

who had a little baby 


Rhyming couplets

There was a invisible van,

Inside there I threw a can 

Things you can do to make the world a better place

Good afternoon 5DB. For your task today I would like you to think about how we can make the world a better place.


Think about actions you could take (no matter how small) to help improve the world.


You could maybe think about how you could help someone out or how you could help a charity.

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