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Homework 2: River Bollin Trip

Your second homework task this week is to tell me (and all the other teachers and pupils who read your comments) the following...

1. Give me one fascinating fact that you learnt on our educational trip to the River Bollin at Styal.

2. Describe your favourite part of the visit when we were at the River Bollin. Make sure that you explain why you enjoyed it so much/found it so interesting.


Remember to complete your work by going to 'add comment' at the bottom of this blog (not your own blog) and remember to only click save once (your work will appear only once I have approved it).


I look forward to your comments!

Homework 1: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.

Here is part one of this week's homework task. Please complete it by going to 'add comment' at the bottom of my blog. Also, please only save your comment once so that I don't get lots and lots of the same comment! I look forward to reading your work.



Now that we have read the first few chapters of the fantastic 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom', I would like you to think carefully about the following.


1. What do you think of Bradley and why? Try to give as detailed an opinion as possible, using evidence from the text (events from the story) to support your ideas.


2. What do you think of Jeff and why? Again, use events from the story to support your detailed answer.


3. What do you think will happen in the story that gives this book its title 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom'? (We will actually find this out on Monday!)

This week's Literacy homework!

To everyone in Class 5LW,


Your task this week is to use as many of this week's spelling words to create a short, entertaining piece of writing. This could be a short story, a detailed description, or even a poem. It is up to you! Your Super Challenge is to try and use all of your spelling words accurately!


Please do your homework as a 'comment' on this blog (not your own blog). Remember to put any spelling words that you use in your piece of writing in bold so that I can spot them easily. Thank you.


I look forward to reading your creations!

Writing Task

Dear Purple Homework Book members of Class 5LW (and anyone else who would like to do some writing!)


Here is short writing task for you to have a go at!


Using three of your spelling words, write a short, accurate and entertaining paragraph of writing about a subject of your choice. This could be about you playing in a football Cup Final, or how about being a Skylander character?


Remember to punctuate and spell correctly, don't forget to include capital letters where they are needed, try to vary your sentence openers and aim high by using some really ambitious adjectives!


Finally, remember to write your work by going to 'Add Comment' at the bottom of this page so that I can see your work after my blog. I look forward to reading your wonderful writing!

World Book Day Character Fact File!

Dear Class 3LW,


 I would like you to complete the following Literacy homework task linked to World Book Day...


At the end of this blog, I would like you to click on 'Add Comment' (do not write your homework on your own blog). In the text box that then opens up, I would then like you to tell me which book character you came to World Book Day as. Present this as a fact file about your character. For example, you could go on google images and copy and paste a picture of your character, you could then tell me what book your character is taken from and who  the author is that created this character, what he/she looks like, what he/she likes to do and why you chose this particular character for World Book Day.


Here's my World Book Day character fact file based on when I was in Year Two!


Name: Mr. Twit

Book taken from: The Twits

Created by: Roald Dahl

Description: Mr. Twit is a mean man who loves nothing more than to play tricks on his equally horrible wife, Mrs. Twit. His most recognisable feature is his disgusting beard which, because he never washes it, is full of old bits of food. Mr. Twit also detests children with a passion!

Why I have chosen him: I love the fantastic characters that Roald Dahl created in his books, particularly the horrible ones! The Twits is also one of my favourite books of all time as I find it very amusing!


I look forward to finding out all about your World Book Day characters and please remember to write without any mistakes (get an adult to check your work)!

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