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World Book Day Homework

Name ; Dinosaur

Book taken from ; The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

Created by ; Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

Description ; The dinosaur is a huge, greedy animal who loves to eat everything including all the Christmas decorations and granny and her knitting.  His most recognisable feature is he grows very big and in the stories to put things back to normal he has to do an enormous **** !

Why I have chosen this character ; I love it because it rhymes and makes me laugh my head off !

My literacy homework

Inside I was sick

Then I made an incredible hissyfit

My week-poem

On Monday I sat opposite a cat

who had an invisible hat.


On Tuesday I met an incredible mouse

who had an incorrect house.


On Wednesday I made an island friend

who had an ingrown bend.


On Thursday I saw an invincible rat

who had an inactive bat.


On Friday I rode an ordinary pig

with inside out wig.


On Saturday I visited an indirect college

to increase my knowledge.


On Sunday I installed the Yeti

who's purpose was to throw confetti.

maths games

on level one I got 66000 and got first place on the leader board and my name was hii 


on level two I got 54300 and got third  place on the leader board and my name was hii  


on level three I got 1800 and didn't get on the leader board and my name was hii


I did best on level one 


have a nice holday

home work 24.4.16 Robert

what you shouldn't do isn't what you wouldn't do.


what you've you have said they've done.


what Bobby couldn't do on his homework hasn't been done.


you'll be angry if he'll tease you.

Robert Crowe-Moore

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