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Year 4 auditions!

Hi, 4JC

Just a quick message, if you would like to audition for a speaking part in the Year4 play next term then we will be auditioning after the holidays. A simple song or poem or even a dance will be good to demonstrate how confident you are on stage and how good you are at speaking clearly in front of an audience. It would be a good idea to practise over the holidays so that you feel confident during your audition.

Best of luck and have a super holiday!  Ms Cosgriff

Magic measuring!!!

Hi there 4JC,

Today we investigated:

How much taller is Mrs Harkin compared to the tallest person in 4JC?

So your homework this week is to measure all the people who live in your house and investigate how much taller/shorter they are compared to Mrs Harkin.

P.S. Mrs Harkin is 2m 3cm tall.

Miss Cosgriff

Hello 4JC, I hope you're all having a super Christmas! A huge thank you for my gorgeous presents they are all lovely - I am enjoying them with my new cat ' Lils'. Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year. Don't forget to post a description of your Christmas Day and favourite present! 


Christmas Cracker Adventures!

Hi 4JC,

We're nearly at the end of another wonderful term and you have all worked so, so hard I think its time to celebrate!!!

Therefore, no maths or spelling sentences for homework over the holidays!!! However, I would love to stay in touch with you all and hear all about your amazing Christmas Cracker adventures! If you could post me a short recount of your Christmas day and a description of your favourite presents I would love to read them. Also any news from home (such as Clooney update, Pony update, Baby update etc)


Miss Cosgriff

Ms Cosgriff

Hi 4JC!!!!

Your blogs are now set up, I will give you your password on Wednesday!

All you need to do is create your very own WeeMee on you blog and add a comment about yourself.

Have fun creating your characters and I will look forward to reading your comments.smiley

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