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What I Realy Enjoyed in Year 3????


In Year 3 I really enjoyed Maths,History,Art and PE. In PE I especially enjoyed  the game Skittleball. In Art I Realy Enjoyed Making the Mask designs and the Tile designs.In History I Liked learning about the Vikings Espesily when the  Viking man came in and told us about the Vikings.In Maths I Loved learning my times tables and  doing the maths problems. But I  over all  I enjoyed Making the Greek myths the most!  I  am very proud of how much my handwriting has  Improved From the start of the year  to the end of the year And I think my times tables has improved a lot more at the start of the year I hardly new my 8 times tables and 9 times tables but now I know  my 9s and 8s very well???? . I have Realy Enjoyed year 3  I hope I'll Enjoy year 4 just the same!


This year I've enjoyed doing science with Miss Greenlees ,doing maths with Mr Night and Miss Locke, doing art with Miss Locke,doing PE  with Mr Palfry because I liked doctor dodgeball.I like art  because   I liked painting the clay. In dodgeball I like being a runner. I will miss you!


By Daniel


This year I have enjoyed art, PE, the nativity, school trips, dogo points, golden tickets,the poem book and  pajama parties! I have enjoyed art because we have done teacups, fireworks, eyes, tiles and writing in different ways. I enjoyed PE because we played dodgeball a lot. I enjoyed the nativity because I was Gabriel! I enjoyed school trips because when we went to the museum of science of industry when we were in the experiment room. I enjoyed the pajama party when we watched Fantastic Mr Fox. I enjoyed some special days including world book day, French day, the summer supper, Viking day children in need move up day, cake sale and own clothes day. I am proud that I beat the Autumn maths champion.

I'll miss you Miss Locke.crying

My Sleepover

Dear Miss Locke,

On the last Thursday of the Easter holidays Lilly came to my house for a sleepover. We had a great time at an Easter Dance Camp. Dance Camp was based on The Lion King so we made a dance up to 'I just can't wait to be king.' We painted lion masks and made a glittery poster. During the Dance Camp we had a chocolate hunt because it was Easter.

After Dance Camp, we went for a muddy walk around Lymm Dam. Our boots made a squelchy noise in the thick gooey mud.

At the end of the day our legs were? very tired, so we sat on the sofa and watched Minions. Bob is my favourite Minion! He carries teddy bear Tim, his eyes are different colours and I think he is very cute!

On Friday, after a filling breakfast, we were able to go and play crazy golf. It was fantastic fun, but tricky. At one of the holes the ball had to go through the mouth of the stone statue and come out in a different place on the green. Sadly, I lost!

Later, after the crazy time, we went to Pizza Express. The food was very delicious, especially the chunky chocolate brownie.

On the way home we stopped at the park. Lilly and I did some gymnastic flips on the bars.

My Easter was egg-citing!cheeky  From Saffron


I liked doing art  with miss Locke.I like doing maths with miss Locke.I liked doing science with Mrs Greenlees.

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